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Never one to be intimidated by a veritable mountain of a task, Melissa is your girl friday when faced with 200+ page books and projects where consistency with attention to minute detail are key. It’s no wonder Melissa began her studies in Microbiology at the University of Florida before deciding to combine her love of making things beautiful with her love of putting things in order by switching her major to Graphic Design.
While in the fast-paced world of her first job in a large advertising agency, Melissa discovered a kindred spirit in Martha Stewart. Every weekend in order to “detox” from the hectic workweek, she would set her sights on whipping up a new batch of confectionary deliciousness and bring those delectable treats to her coworkers come monday morning. Melissa continues this tradition to this day as much as her precocious twin boys allow her to, which let’s face it, isn’t very often.
After gaining some experience in the design world, Melissa realized she didn’t want the limitations of a large agency. She wanted to carve out a cozy niche where she could speak to her clients and vendors on a personal level… and also bring her loyal dog, Napoleon. Whether starring as the love interest in a music video for the Canadian version of Hanson (seriously, she’s got a copy on her hard drive) or scaling the Empire State Building in a pair of rollar skates, Melissa will take your job from concept to fruition with determination and flair. And much like Ms. Stewart, Melissa brings a keen sense of style, unwavering dedication and her experience at a women’s correctional facility (not seriously) to everything she does.


Blanco Silva